Live rails

Design, manufacture and repair
of live rails

Initially used to power overhead cranes, insulated live/conductor rails with single- or double-arm pantographs found a new use in construction industries, particularly with the arrival of electrical monorail systems in the automotive industry in the 1980s.

  • Rougier replacement contact shoes
    Rougier replacement contact shoes
  • Double-arm pantographs
    Double-arm pantographs
  • Insulated multiconductor live rails
    Insulated multiconductor live rails
  • Curved multiconductor live rails
    Curved multiconductor live rails
  • Insulated rail systems with FABA clips
    Insulated rail systems with FABA clips
  • FABA 100 insulated conductor systems
    FABA 100 insulated conductor systems
  • FABA fixing clips
    FABA fixing clips
  • FABA 100A conductor system
    FABA 100A conductor system

These mobile power supply systems are widely used today, particularly in rapidly developing sectors such as powering stacker cranes, creating very wide rotary electrical connectors, or powering amusement parks.

In the 1980s, ROUGIER Electromécanique developed its own range of insulated live rails, including Multi 6, Multi 7 and Mono. We then rounded off this range with FABA live rails, which let us meet the wide range of requests we received in terms of both current and usage constraints.

We now have a permanent supply of FABA 100 and ROUGIER Multi 7 live rails as well as many replacement parts, including arms, pantographs, fishplates and clips.

These incorporated live rails have the special feature of being easy to install directly on site with only basic tools. This makes it easy to cut, bend and assemble them in situ.

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Catalogue and technical data sheets
FABA insulated rails

catalogue des rails FABA pour l'alimentation électrique des engins mobile

ROUGIER Electromécanique will provide you with all of our technical support to evaluate, design and produce live rails perfectly suited to your needs, while seeking the best quality/price ratio.

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Our customer references

Groups such as Renault, PSA, General Motors, Fiat, Ford, Nissan, and Volvo in the automobile industry, Durr, Eisenmann, FATA, Jervis Webb, and Actemium in logistics and a range of SMEs/SMBs, such as Serac, Leroy Somer, ABB, Saft, Suez Eau, SNEF, and Sidel, have trusted us for our expertise and quick response times.

ROUGIER Electromécanique is more than a simple supplier,
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