Contact shoes and current collectors

Design, manufacture and repair
of contact shoes and current collectors

Whether you are a design office seeking technical solutions for mobile power supply systems or a maintenance service having trouble finding replacement parts for your set-ups, ROUGIER Electromécanique is your key contact to create sliding electrical contact systems.

  • Double contact shoes for flexible lines
    Double contact shoes for flexible lines
  • Contact shoes in copper graphite
    Contact shoes in copper graphite
  • Rail contact shoes
    Rail contact shoes
  • Bone-marrow shaped carbon contact shoes
    Bone-marrow shaped carbon contact shoes
  • Earthing brushes
    Earthing brushes

Whether you want carbon, bronze or copper contact shoes for power supply systems involving open or insulated rails or wires, or current collectors mounted on pillars, pantographs or piston systems, we can offer you the best solution for your needs or assist you in the development of your own current collectors. We have experience in industries as varied as cranes, overhead cranes, stacker cranes, automatic battery recharge, chassis ground systems for continuous welding, earthing brushes, contacts for lifts or forklifts as well as contacts for rheostats.

Our almost-century of experience gives us a particularly wide skill set in this area, and our production capacity lets us produce individual components or large series. For this, we have a machine network specifically dedicated to machining graphite components and working with metals.

To round off our range of contact shoes, we can also produce insulation solutions such as high or low temperature insulators, and we can work with machining composite materials and moulding by compressing more specific components.

As well as this production range, we can also offer power supply systems with hanging wires, self-retracting cables and a whole range of insulated live rails.

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Catalogue of contact shoes and current collectors

catalogue des frotteurs et capteurs de courant

ROUGIER Electromécanique will give you all our technical support to evaluate, design and create contact shoes and current collectors that is perfectly adapted to your needs, all while seeking the best quality/price ratio.

Why choose us ?

Our experience
  • Almost a century of industry experience

  • A dynamic, well trained team

  • Round-the-clock availability

  • Production site in France

  • A 2D/3D design office

customer references
Our customer references

Groups such as Renault, PSA, General Motors, Fiat, Ford, Nissan, and Volvo in the automobile industry, Durr, Eisenmann, FATA, Jervis Webb, and Actemium in logistics and a range of SMEs/SMBs, such as Serac, Leroy Somer, ABB, Saft, Suez Eau, SNEF, and Sidel, have trusted us for our expertise and quick response times.

ROUGIER Electromécanique is more than a simple supplier,
we are your partner for your power transfer needs.

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