ROUGIER provides all the parts for electric motor and more broadly all parts of mobile or fixed electrical contact.

We also provide complete sets such as rotating electrical contacts, electrification of electrophoresis line, the supply of propelled circuits.

We work in areas such as the automotive, railway, port, waste processing and water, entertainment, printing, wind power, mining, display advertising and more areas yet.

Carbon brushes

Brush holders

Slip rings

Segments commutators

Rotating electric collectors

Electrification of electrophoresis system

Parts electrical motors

Electric rails and accessories

Sliding contacts and plugs

electrical insulators

Contact : Annie BOUGNON
Phone: 01 48 78 81 97
Fax :  01 45 96 07 90 
Adress :
11, Henry Monnier - F 75009 - PARIS
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